Guidelines for Maintaining Your Matcha Whisk

May 21, 2023

At, we are expanding our product range to include matcha-related teaware items. As we delve into the world of matcha and matcha tea sets, we are excited to share valuable insights on how to properly care for your matcha whisk. These guidelines will help you ensure its longevity and enhance its performance, allowing you to enjoy the perfect cup of matcha every time.


To start, it is crucial to prepare your matcha whisk correctly. Begin by immersing the tines in warm water for a few minutes. This gentle soaking softens the bamboo and reduces the risk of breakage during whisking. Opt for a small cup or bowl and avoid using cold water, as it is less effective for this purpose.

Proper Handling

While matcha whisks, or chasms, are relatively sturdy, treating them with care will significantly extend their lifespan. Although it may be tempting to vigorously grind the whisk when preparing matcha, this can cause the tines to fray or break easily. Instead, adopt a gentle and effortless motion in the form of an M or W shape, ensuring that the whisk lightly touches the bottom of the bowl. The key lies in the fluid movement of your wrist!


Thoroughly cleaning your matcha whisk immediately after use is of utmost importance. However, avoid using detergents or soaps, as they can damage the delicate bamboo and be absorbed into the material. Simply rinse the whisk with water and use your fingers to gently remove any residual matcha. Swirling the whisk in the warm water used for preparation is an effective method. Remember to avoid leaving the whisk in water for an extended period as this may cause it to expand and potentially break. Regularly inspect the tines for signs of fraying or damage.

Drying and Storage

After cleaning, ensure that the whisk is completely dry before storing it. It is recommended to store the whisk with the tines facing down to prevent moisture from accumulating in the handle. Using a kusenaoshi, or whisk holder, during the drying process will help the tines maintain their shape. Once fully dry, you can store the whisk in a display case or any preferred storage container.

Knowing When to Replace

Despite your best care efforts, bamboo matcha whisks will eventually wear out and require replacement. Watch out for indications such as broken or damaged tines, splitting bamboo, or the presence of mold. While it can be challenging to part with cherished teaware, embrace the concept of Ichi-go Ichie-e. This Japanese expression, meaning “one time, one meeting,” reminds us to appreciate the transient nature of experiences and savor the present moment.

Where to Purchase Matcha Whisks

We are diligently preparing to offer matcha tea sets on our website, which will include high-quality matcha whisks.

In conclusion, by following these essential care instructions, you can ensure that your matcha whisk remains in excellent condition, allowing you to continue enjoying the perfect cup of matcha for years to come. Discover the art of matcha preparation and elevate your tea experience with

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