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Japanese Tea Set

Tea Set Box sells not authentic Japanese tea sets but Japanese-style tea sets. The Japanese tea ceremony is dominated by the matcha and sencha ceremony, which have given rise to Japanese-style tea sets. The side-handle pot (Kyusu) is the standard part of the Japanese tea set. However, side-handle teapots are also trendy in China, and we classify all tea sets containing side-handle pots as Japanese tea sets. We also categorize the tea sets used for sencha and the tea sets with a distinctly Japanese appearance as Japanese tea sets.

Japanese tea sets are a traditional and popular way to serve tea in Japan. Certain sets are traditionally used at certain times of the day, and there are many different styles of tea sets. The materials determine the quality of the set it is made from and how it is manufactured. Some sets are made from porcelain, while others are ceramic or lacquerware. The most expensive ones might be made from gold or silver.

The matcha and sencha dominate the Japanese tea ceremony. Because of the sencha, the teapots of Japanese tea sets are generally more significant, and side handle pots and iron pots are the main features of Japanese tea sets.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a Japanese tea set. The material, colour, design, size, shape, and price all play an essential role in deciding which one best suits your needs.

You have to determine whether to sencha or gongfu tea. If you want sencha, please choose the sencha ware.

The difference between the two sets is that the Japanese are more formal than the Chinese and have more delicate designs on their teaware, and the Chinese are more casual and use more straightforward methods for their teaware.

The main characteristics of the Japanese tea set are the side-handle pot and iron pot, which are constantly significant. In comparison, the characters of the Chinese tea set are the Gaiwan and Yixing teapot, which are always small.