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Do The Teawares Contain Lead or Cadmium?

We strictly control the lead and cadmium content in our teawares.
From a manufacturing standpoint, most of our tea sets, pots, and cups are made using underglaze and underglazed techniques. The lead will leach out at temperatures above 800 degrees Celsius, and the firing temperatures for underglaze and underglazed techniques are both above 1000 degrees Celsius.
From a material standpoint, high-quality ceramic, porcelain, bone china, and glass do not contain lead. The lead content is mainly concentrated in the colored pigments. We use high-quality and safe pigments in our tea sets.
Tips: If you are still not sure and have extremely high requirements for lead and cadmium content, then we recommend you to: 1. Purchase teawares with no paint on the interior. 2. Choose teawares made with underglaze or underglazed techniques.

Can The Tea Sets Be Used in The Microwave and Dishwasher?

1. Tea sets with gold or silver gilding should not be used in the microwave. The gilding is an overglaze technique and can release toxic substances in a microwave environment.
2. Glass tea sets should not be used in the microwave.
3. Other ceramic, porcelain, and bone china tea sets can be used in the microwave but should be placed in the center of the microwave and on a microwave-safe plate.
4. Tea sets made using overglaze techniques should not be used in the dishwasher. The overglaze can be damaged by the harsh detergents and water temperatures used in dishwashers.

How to Choose A Tea Set?

Fine Tea Set for Adult

Navigating the world of tea sets can be an overwhelming task, especially with the vast array of styles, materials, and accessories available. To help you make an informed decision, consider the type of tea you typically enjoy and the atmosphere you wish to create.

Chinese Tea Set – For the Gongfu Tea Connoisseur
If you’re a fan of Gongfu tea, a traditional Chinese method of preparing and enjoying tea leaves, our Chinese tea sets are ideal choices. These sets feature a variety of teapots, cups, and accessories specifically designed for Gongfu tea ceremonies, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the ritualistic art of tea making.

Japanese Tea Set – Embracing Japanese Tea Culture
For those who prefer the understated elegance of Japanese tea ceremonies, our Japanese tea sets offer a refined and minimalist aesthetic. These sets typically include a side-handled teapot (Kyushu), a Fair cup, and teacups, each carefully crafted to enhance the flavors and aromas of your tea.

Travel Tea Sets – For Your On-the-Go Adventures
If you love tea but are always on the go, a travel tea set is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite beverage wherever you are. These sets are typically compact and lightweight, making them easy to pack and carry. They also often include a variety of features that make them ideal for travel, such as a travel bag for easy storage.

English Tea Set – Enjoying a Traditional English Tea
If English breakfast, afternoon tea, or high tea are your preferred teatime indulgences, our English tea sets provide a charming and sophisticated backdrop for your gatherings. These sets often feature delicate china cups and saucers, elegant teapots, and matching sugar bowls and creamers, adding a touch of refinement to your tea-drinking experience.

Additional Considerations
When selecting a tea set, consider the following factors:
Material: Choose from a range of materials, including ceramic, porcelain, glass, and bone china, each offering unique qualities and aesthetics.
Size: Select a set that accommodates your typical tea gatherings, whether intimate gatherings or larger parties.
Design: Choose a design that complements your personal style and the overall decor of your home.

Explore Our Tea Set Collection
With a wide variety of tea sets to choose from, our collection caters to every tea-drinking preference and occasion. Browse our extensive selection today and discover the perfect tea set to elevate your tea-drinking experience.

How Do I Use Discount Coupons?

coupon 1 FAQ

To use discount coupons, enter your coupon code on the cart or checkout page and click “Apply coupon.”
Please note that the coupon input box is at the bottom of the checkout page, labelled “Have a coupon?
Sometimes, we set the coupons to apply automatically, so you may find that the coupon code has already been applied when you reach the cart or checkout page.

Can’t Select My Country on The Checkout Page?

If you can’t select your country on the checkout page, please note that we only currently support the following countries: The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New ZealandSingapore, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium, FranceHongkong, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ireland. Please get in touch with our online customer service if you need help finding your country in the dropdown menu.

What is The Difference between Free Shipping and Fast Express Shipping?

Free shipping and fast express shipping differ in delivery times, with Fast Express Shipping delivering more quickly.
Our free shipping services include 4PX, Yunexpress, and Yanwen.
Our fast express shipping options include DHL, FedEx, UPS, 4PX Priority, and YunExpress Priority.
For items with a package volume greater than 60 x 40 x 35 cm, we offer free shipping through Yunexpress Bulky Goods Service Line, which may take up to 3 days longer than other free shipping services. Alternatively, we offer fast express shipping through DHL, which incurs additional shipping fees. We recommend selecting Free Shipping when Fast Express Shipping costs are prohibitively high.

How Do I Pay with My Credit / Debit Card?

1. Powered by PayPal: Select the PayPal method on the checkout page and then click on the “Debit or Credit Card” button, go to the PayPal page, fill in the card and billing information, and then click the “Pay Now” button.
2. Powered by Payoneer: Select the Credit / Debit Card method on the checkout page, fill in the card information, and then click the “Pay” button.
All your payment-related information is left on PayPal or Payoneer. We never touch any of your credit card information from beginning to end. Please feel free to use it.

How Do I Track My Orders?

We handle orders within 24 hours of receiving them. After the order is completed, the system will automatically send the invoice to the customer’s email address, including tracking information.
Customers can also go to our order tracking page and fill in the Order ID and Billing email to check the tracking information. However, this way can only check whether we have processed the order, but not the specific logistics information of the parcel.

Are Your Prices Inclusive of Tax?

Yes, all our prices include tax. You don’t have to worry about any additional tax charges.
For shipments entering EU countries and the United Kingdom, we take care of the VAT. The VAT will be prepaid by our courier service, so you won’t need to pay any extra taxes upon delivery. You can enjoy a seamless shopping experience with no additional tax expenses.

What is The Return and Refund Policy?

We offer a 30-day return policy from the date of delivery. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you can return it to us for a refund or exchange. Please note that the product must be unused and in its original packaging.
To initiate a return, please get in touch with us via email at [email protected] or through our online chat tool – Tidio, on the right side. Our customer service team will assist you in the return process.
Please note that the customer is responsible for the return shipping cost unless the product received is defective or incorrect. Once we receive the returned product, we will inspect it and process the refund or exchange accordingly.
For more details, refer to the Return and Refund page.

Is My Information Safe on teasetbox.com?

We take your privacy seriously and use industry-standard security measures to protect your information. Our website is secured with SSL encryption to secure your personal and payment information. We also do not store payment information on our website, as all payments are processed through secure payment gateways.

What Are Hand-painted and Transfer-printed Teaware?

Hand-painted teawares are created by applying paint directly to the surface by hand.
Transfer-printed teawares are created by transferring a printed image onto the surface using transfer paper.

How to Distinguish between Hand-painted and Transfer-printed Teaware?

Look for the grid pattern: Transfer-printed teawares will often have a grid pattern visible on the surface of the image. This is caused by the transfer paper used to transfer the image onto the teawares.
Feel the texture: Hand-painted ceramics may have a slightly raised or uneven texture. Transfer-printed teawares will have a smooth, even texture.

What Are Overglaze, Underglaze, and Underglazed Ceramics?

Overglaze ceramics are created by applying paint to the surface of a fired ceramic. The paint is then fired at a lower temperature than the glaze, 600 – 900℃.
Underglaze ceramics are created by applying paint to the surface of a ceramic before it is fired. The paint is then fired at a higher temperature than the glaze, 1060 – 1250℃.
Underglazed ceramics are created by applying paint to the surface of a ceramic before it is glazed. The paint is then covered with a glaze and fired at the highest temperature, 1200℃ – 1300℃.

How to Distinguish between Overglaze, Underglaze, and Underglazed Ceramics?

Feel the texture: Overglaze ceramics may have a slightly raised or uneven texture. Underglaze and underglazed ceramics will have a smooth, even texture.
Look for the gloss: Overglaze ceramics will have a matte or semi-matte finish. Underglaze and underglazed ceramics will have a shiny finish.

I hope this information helps. If you have any further questions, please ask us through our online chat tool – Tidio. We are always happy to help.