Discover Tea Pets for Gongfu Tea

March 25, 2022

Table of Contents:

  1. The Charm of Tea Pets: Unleashing Their Playful Essence
  2. Exploring the Origins: A Mysterious Journey
  3. Embracing Tea Pet Rituals: How to Enjoy Their Company
  4. Nurturing Your Tea Pet: Essential Care Tips
  5. Where to Find Your Perfect Tea Pet: Unleash the Hunt!

Tea pets, also known as tea mascots or companions, are captivating figurines specifically crafted to bring joy to your gongfu tea table. While animal shapes dominate the designs, the world of tea pets offers a diverse range of captivating forms.

Typically made from a porous clay, although materials like ceramic or resin can also be used, these adorable creatures gradually absorb tea, developing a beautiful patina over time. In the case of Ru Yao glazes, the tea seeps into the cracks, creating an exquisite streaked effect on the surface.

The Charm of Tea Pets: Unleashing Their Playful Essence

Tea pets serve a delightful purpose: pouring tea onto them. While many tea enthusiasts inquire about the underlying reason, the truth is that it’s all about pure enjoyment, with no need for seriousness. Some tea pets even perform specific actions like squirting water or changing color, adding a touch of whimsy to your tea rituals.

In China, acquiring an exquisite tea set is often accompanied by the intention of fostering connections. Having a tea pet on your tea table allows for delightful conversations while pouring water over these charming companions.

Exploring the Origins: A Mysterious Journey

The exact origins of tea pets remain shrouded in mystery, with limited historical records available. It is believed that they emerged when clay teapot makers crafted models using leftover clay pieces. Given the high cost of authentic yixing clay, alternative clay types were commonly used. Many sources point to their origin in China during the Song Dynasty (10th – 13th century). Porous clay remains the predominant material for crafting tea pets.

Embracing Tea Pet Rituals: How to Enjoy Their Company

Using tea pets is a simple and joyful process. All you need to do is pour tea over the top of your tea pet. To avoid any mess, it’s advisable to have a draining tea table or use a larger dish or bowl. The quantity of tea you share with your pet depends on your preference. Some people give them a quick rinse, while others enjoy pouring tea over their pet’s friends during tea sessions. If your tea pet is made of a material that can’t withstand hot water, it’s best not to serve tea directly to them.

Nurturing Your Tea Pet: Essential Care Tips

As most tea pets are crafted from clay or ceramic, they possess a delicate nature. With proper care, your new companion will last for a long time. While there’s no need to dedicate them to a specific tea since you don’t drink from them, some tea pets exhibit unique characteristics with certain teas. For example, we have a tea pet that seems to blow bubbles exclusively when given puerh. When enjoying darker teas, lighter-colored tea pets can enhance visual effects more quickly.

When cleaning your tea pet, avoid using detergents or cleaners as they can absorb chemicals just like tea does. If your pet looks unclean, gently use an unsoiled sponge or cloth to clean it. Ensure thorough drying to prevent mold, especially in humid environments.

Where to Find Your Perfect Tea Pet: Unleash the Hunt!

Tea pets have gained popularity among tea enthusiasts, and various tea companies offer a wide selection. You can explore e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and AliExpress to find the perfect tea pet to accompany your tea rituals. However, please note that currently does not have a dedicated category for tea pets. Nevertheless, we are constantly expanding our offerings and will soon include a selection of tea pets for you to choose from. Stay tuned for updates!

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