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Gongfu Tea Set

Gongfu tea sets are tools used to prepare tea. They are different from other tea sets, requiring a high level of expertise to use them properly. It always includes Gaiwan, the teapot, the Fair cup (Gong Dao Bei), the tea strainer, the teacups, and the tray.

The Gongfu tea set prepares green, oolong, and white teas. It is not typically used for black or dark teas because these blends have a more robust flavour that is easier to taste when brewed with a Western-style pot.

Gongfu tea is a traditional way of brewing tea in China. It involves using a teapot, Gaiwan, and tiny teacups, usually made from ceramic and porcelain. Brew gongfu tea with the teapot or Gaiwan filled with hot water and tea leaves, and then pour tea into the cups.

The Gongfu Tea Ceremony popularized by Lu Yu in his book “Cha Jing” has been practised ever since.

Gongfu tea is a type of tea brewed using a unique technique. It requires some tools which are suitable for the brewing process.

The gongfu tea set includes A teapot, a Fair cup, a strainer, a tray, teacups and saucers.

These tea leaves are perfect for making kung fu tea: green, Oolong, and white teas.

The Gongfu tea set has these parts: Gaiwan, the teapot, the Fair cup, the tea leak, the teacup, and the tray. The pot is not generally used for boiling water but for brewing tea, and it has the same feature as Gaiwan. Brew tea in the Gaiwan or teapot, then pour it into the Fair cup with a tea infuser or leak. Then pour the tea from fair cups into teacups.

Kung Fu tea is for tasting, so you have to drink it slowly, which is why Kung Fu tea cups are more petite.