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Chinese Tea Set

Chinese tea sets symbolize hospitality and comfort in many Asian cultures. They are often used to serve tea on various occasions.

These tea sets are available in different materials, such as ceramic, porcelain, purple clay, metal, gold, or silver. Some popular Chinese tea sets include the Fujian ceramic gongfu, Jingdezhen handmade porcelain Gaiwan, and the Yixing purple clay teapot set.

A Chinese tea set comprises various items such as a teapot, Gaiwan, Fair Cup, strainer, teacups, tea trays, and accessories.

The teapot is usually made of porcelain or ceramic and comes in different shapes. The most common teapot shape is round with an opening on top, and it usually has a spout for pouring tea into cups.

Gaiwan is a small vessel for brewing tea that replaces a teapot. It is small enough to pick up with one hand and is the standard for kung fu tea in China.

The Fair Cup, also known as Cha Hai or Gong Dao Bei, ensures that all guests receive the same amount of tea.

Choosing the best Chinese tea set depends on several factors, such as whether you plan to entertain guests or use the set for yourself. If you entertain guests, consider a tea set with a luxury tea tray, while a relatively lightweight one will suffice for personal use. If you plan to use a Gaiwan, remember that it is more challenging but more fun than using a teapot.

Consider the following details when choosing a tea set:

– How many people will be drinking tea together?

– Does the tea tray need a drainage hole?

– Does it require a tea caddy to store tea leaves?

The most significant difference between Japanese and Chinese tea sets lies in the teapot. Chinese tea sets typically feature more miniature teapots, including tiny ones like Yixing Zisha pots. In contrast, Japanese tea sets typically have larger teapots with side handles. Chinese tea sets also use Gaiwan instead of teapots, while Japanese tea sets commonly include a kyusu teapot with a side handle for steeping tea.