What are Tea Pets?

March 25, 2022

Tea pets are unique models that are designed to keep you entertained on you gongfu tea tables. You may also find them called tea mascots or even as companions. Animal shapes are the most popular design, but there are many various designs to be seen.

They are typically made of porous clay however other materials such as ceramic or resin could be used. As time passes, the clay absorbs tea and will develop an appearance of patina. For those with Ru Yao glazes, over time the clay will absorb tea. Ru Yao glaze tea will slowly streak the cracks of the surface.

Table of Contents

  • What is the Purpose of Tea Pets?
  • When Were They Invented?
  • How to Use Them?
  • How to Take Care of Them?
  • Where Can You Buy Tea Pets?

What is the Purpose of Tea Pets?

The primary purpose is to pour the tea onto them. We often receive emails from tea drinkers asking what the reason behind it. It’s actually just for fun, and it’s not necessary to consider them as serious. Certain tea animals do specific actions like squirt water, or change the color.

In China, many people buy a gorgeous tea set to drink tea with the purpose of making friends. It is very interesting to have a tea pet on the tea table where they can chat while pouring water on the tea pet.

When Were They Invented?

It’s unclear when the tea pet was invented and there aren’t many records of their origins. It is believed that they first appeared because clay teapot makers constructed models using leftover clay pieces. The authentic yixing clay is expensive to be employed in this manner and therefore they’re more likely to be constructed using less costly clay types. If you have been struggling with when the tea pet was invented, many sources show that they originated in China during the Song Dynasty, which is the 10th – 13th century. Tea pets are typically made of porous clay.

How to Use Them?

In essence, all you need be doing is to pour your tea over the top of your tea pet. It’s beneficial to have a table that is able to drain to prevent messy. It is also recommended to use a bigger dish or bowl. It’s entirely dependent on the amount of tea you’ll share with your pet. Some people just give the rinse a go, whereas others pour tea on their pet’s friends during a tea time. Many people do not serve tea to their pets particularly when they’re made of something that isn’t able to resist hot water.

How to Take Care of Them?

A lot of tea pet are constructed out of clay or ceramic, which means that they are brittle. So long as they’re taken care of your new pet will remain for a long time. It is not necessary to be devoted to a specific tea since you don’t drink from them. However we have a tea pet that we swear that he only blows bubbles when he’s given puerh. I usually prefer lighter-colored tea pets when I am drinking darker teas due to the way the visual effects are developed faster.

We would suggest not using detergents or cleaners when you clean your tea pet as they absorb chemicals the same way as they do into tea. If they’re looking unclean, gently applying an unclean sponge or cloth will typically do the trick. Let them dry completely to storage to prevent mold. This is crucial when you reside in a place that is humid.
This tea pet sprays water from its mouth whenever you sprinkle hot water over it.

Where Can You Buy Tea Pets?

Tea pets are becoming quite well-liked among tea drinkers, so they are available from a variety of tea companies.

You can find tea pets in many e-commerce platforms: Amazon, Etsy, eBay Etsy, eBay, and AliExpress. Unfortunately, TeaSetBox.com does not currently have the category of tea pets. However, we will eventually source and sell tea pets. Stay tuned!

Do you have tea pet? Please share your experiences in the comments section below!

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