How to Care for Your Matcha Whisk

March 26, 2022

Although does not yet sell matcha-related teaware items, we are already actively preparing for it. We have begun to actively learn about matcha and matcha tea sets. Today, we are writing this article to focus on matcha whisk. Here are some guidelines to ensure your matcha whisk remains in top form.

Before Utilization

It is crucial to immerse the tines into warm water for a couple of minutes prior to applying your chosen. This will soften them up and makes it less likely that they’ll break while whisking. I generally put them in small cups or bowls. The temperature isn’t a big factor, however cold water doesn’t do the job as well.

A lot of bamboo whisks are packaged in a plastic tube. This container is not intended to be used for storage over a long period of time since the whisk expands when used. Many people broke the tines on their whisks while trying to squeeze them back inside the container. So you needn’t put them back inside the container after using it.

Take Care of It

Chasens aren’t terribly fragile, but if you treat them gently, they will help them last longer. It’s tempting to grind them into matcha powder, especially when starting out. It will cause a slashing of the tines, which will break very quickly. It’s not easy, however, you’ll want to do an effortless motion in the form of an M or W, with the whisk only barely getting to the bowl’s bottom. The key is on your wrist!

Maintaining It Clean

Cleansing your matcha whisk as soon as you’ve finished after use is the most crucial step. However, only water should be utilized. Detergents and soaps can harm your whisk and are absorbed by the bamboo. Make sure to clean the whisk immediately and then use your fingers to gently get rid of any matcha leftover. One way to accomplish this is to vigorously swirl the whisk around in the liquid which you used to heat it up. Don’t let the whisk sit in water since this could result in it expanding and then break. Matcha whiskMake sure to examine the tines of the matcha whisk to see if they have frayed or breaking.

After Use

Once you’ve cleaned the whisk, you’ll want to ensure that you let it air dry before placing it in storage. It’s best to do put the tines downwards so that moisture doesn’t get trapped in the handle. We would suggest drying your whisk using the kusenaoshi, also called the whisk holder. This will help the whisk’s tines maintain their shape. When the whisk is completely dry you are able to keep the whisk however you’d prefer. I store my whisk in the beautiful display case it was shipped in.

Replace It

As painful as it can be bamboo wears out, and eventually, your whisk will require replacement. Broken and damaged tines, bamboo that is splitting, and the signs that mold is all signs that the time is right. I certainly have a strong attachment to my teaware, which includes matcha whisks. However, we attempt to view it in the context of Ichi-go Ichie-e. This expression is usually translated to “one time, one meeting” and has a long connection to it being the name of the Japanese ritual of tea.

Where can I buy Matcha Whisks?

We are actively preparing matcha tea set supplies and expect to sell matcha tea sets in July 2022, so stay tuned.

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